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Kahle Interactive brings a unique style of creativity that produces quality interactive content for both web and digital purposes. A Virginia Beach native and ENTP with high ambitions, you’ll likely find me out wakeboarding, at a music festival, or keeping my mind busy with new creative projects. The mind does not judge but instead distinguishes the reality and I take to my work with the same passion as artists, visionaries, and businessmen that inspire me. My name is Sam Kahle and this is my story.


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I consider myself a jack of all trades. I am someone who understands what it takes to create a project and to oversee it until the final outcome is produced. From storyboarding to development, I've been through it all. I enjoy learning everything within the realm of digital media, but I mostly focus on the following:


Photoshop. Illustrator. After Effects. Premiere Pro. Edge Animate. Android Studio. Xcode.


HTML. CSS. jQuery. Mobile Development. SEO. Java. Swift.

VR Hardware

Unity Game Engine. Oculus Rift. Leap Motion. C#. JavaScript.


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